Friday, July 23, 2010

Trailer: Guerilla Midwife documentary

Click here to watch a powerful, short preview of the documentary film "Guerilla Midwife" about midwife Robin Lim's work in Bali and Aceh. The film was made by her daughter, director Deja Bernhard. The film's website also has photos, poetry and more.
Guerilla Midwife
A 90 minute documentary film by Deja Bernhardt

Guerilla Midwife follows Ibu Robin Lim into the trenches of her work. From Bali, where hemorrhage after childbirth is a leading cause of death, into the Tsunami disaster zone in Aceh, where her battle is fought with only one weapon, love. In this culturally mesmerizing, heart wrenching documentary, you will discover why we must reinvent our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth in order to preserve our Planet's Humanity.

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