Thursday, July 29, 2010

News article: MIPP "bails up" Gillard in Melbourne

Another example of the ongoing campaign by mothers and midwives to bring attention to the "collaboration" issue during this election campaign...

Deakin battle brings PM Julia Gillard to Ringwood
Maroondah Leader, Thurs 29 July, 2010

The surprise visit went off without incident, apart from an independent midwife who bailed up Ms Gillard as she headed for the exit.

“At the moment the government are completely squashing us to be able to support women in homebirths, they’re trying to eradicate independent midwives,” Melinda Morieson, of Midwives Naturally, explained to media afterwards.

Ms Morieson said she was not happy with Ms Gillard’s response, who said that “giving the women the choice, it is really important” and asked her to contact Mr Symon.

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