Sunday, October 17, 2010

Consumer Representation and Political Advocacy Training Day

ON September 18, 2010, MC Qld held its first ever training day for Consumers. The dynamic day focused on Consumer Representation and Political Advocacy skills. It was great to see people connecting in such an inspiring and educational way.

Here’s what participants had to say about the day:

"I think holding a training day like this at least every second month would be fantastic for myself as a consumer rep"

"Thank you for providing this opportunity to learn more about providing care to families as a consumer representative"

"I really enjoyed the day. It was so great to spend a day with such wonderful women discussing such an important subject. I felt the day was really positive and I now feel really empowered to be able to be a consumer rep on committees etc"

A humourous role play set the scene and the group teased out what it means to be a consumer rep, discussing the skills needed to do the job. It was great to meet new people and hear their enthusiasm for consumers to be fully informed and empowered in their decision making.

Many thanks to Hazel Brittain, Director of Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies, who spoke about accessing and interpreting evidence. These are important skills for consumers to know and it was great to have Hazel’s support and expertise.

Many thanks also to Di Farmer, State Member for Bulimba, who explained how to effectively lobby your member of parliament. Di’s practical advice gave us a plethora of strategies to use in developing and sustaining campaigns for birth reform. So thanks again Di for your time and knowledge.

A big thanks to Mel Hilditch and the Kyabra Community Association Inc for providing an excellent venue, Rebecca Jenkinson for her excellent facilitation, Bruce Teakle for his dramatist skills and of course to all the participants for making the day a huge success.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Transitions Postnatal Support Group

Jane Campbell-Kaye and Suzanne Lister are running another of their Transitions Groups.

This is a Postnatal Support Group starting soon (Thursday 28 October) at the Quaker House,10 Hampson Street, Kelvin Grove.

Their new space is beautiful - the room looks out on a huge rainforest block. They take advantage of the bushwalk quite a few times for inspiration and the space seems to foster deep sharing in the group as well as time out to connect with nature.

The group allows for up to 10 mothers and their babies (preferably pre crawling).

There has been such positive feedback from women who have attended – who have relished the sense of community, connection, support and depth.

Here’s what women have said about Transitions:

"Being a part of this group gave me the opportunity to talk about some very real issues that I otherwise wouldn't have been comfortable sharing in another mothers group. E.g. relationship issues, body changes, sex, motherhood! The guidance and facilitation that Jane and Suzanne provided allowed us to talk about these issues in a way that felt safe."

"I really looked forward to coming to Transitions each week - it was a gentle and fun way to explore what it means to be a „mum‟ and all the changes to my life and relationships this new identity brings. I loved the chance to meet like-minded women and felt very supported by Jane and Suzanne. It was great „me time‟ and „me and baby time‟. Thanks so much."

"Having a safe and warm environment to come to each week helped to open up my heart post-baby. The trust and connectedness facilitated by two wonderful, experienced women created a bond strong enough for all members of the group to continue meeting past the workshop's completion. We are still meeting four months later."

"There is so much that I gained from this group that is hard to put into words. It was nurturing, supportive, honest/real, encouraging, helpful, humourous, and yummy (i.e. delicious morning teas!)."

See their website for more details

Or contact:
Jane Campbell-Kaye
3379 1896

Suzanne Lister
0435 523 813

Ecstatic birth and beyond - invitation to seminars on Oct 29

Sarah Buckley is holding two half-day seminars in Brisbane on Friday Oct 29 with Birth International.

In the morning she will look at the hormones of labor and birth and the superb design of the female body for birthing safety, ease and ecstasy. Explore how this system is affected by various interventions and along the way, look at how birth has evolved and how our mammalian cousins, including cats dolphins, elephants and orang-utans give birth.

In the afternoon explore the hour after birth, and how this time is crucial to long-term heath and wellbeing for mother and baby. Topics cover the hormones involved, and the impact of interventions, including active management of third stage and separating mother and baby.

You can book for half- or get the full dose of birth ecstasy with the whole day.

These seminars were great in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra with midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and various other birthies, (BTW you will also learn why birth is so addictive).

Book here:
Physiology of birth
Hour after birth