Saturday, July 31, 2010

Age newspaper article: Midwives attack new 'veto'

Click below for the article in today's Age:

Age newspaper article: Midwives attack new 'veto'
JULIA MEDEW, Sat July 31, 2010

In response, Liz Wilkes wrote the following letter to the editor:

As a midwife in private practice I provide care to women both at home and in hospital. I have great relationships with doctors where I live yet none will enter a signed agreement with me. Midwives in private practice will have to have a collaborative arrangement in place for ALL women, not just those birthing at home. Midwives always work collaboratively with doctors – we need to and our licence to practice requires us to. What this determination does is limit women’s ability to get a Medicare rebate for care from a private midwife to those who have a signed agreement with a doctor or have the doctor acknowledge all aspects of care. Doctors have no incentive to work this way, have a financial disincentive to participate and often have a philosophical difference in the way they provide care. I am distressed that after 6 years of study and 15 years of practice I am now reduced to having a doctor agree to the care I provide before my women are funded for their care.

Liz Wilkes

Private Practice Midwife

Toowoomba QLD

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