Tuesday, June 1, 2010

calmbirth® course with Sharon Gavioli in Brisbane - 26/27 June

See below for a message from Sharon Gavioli who until recently was very active in the Childbirth Education Association (which has now merged with Kyabra Community Association):

Hello to my fellow birth workers, previous clients and friends.

After months of gestation and some challenges, I am pleased to announce the start of calmbirth® prenatal preparation in Brisbane.

As many of you know I have been involved in childbirth preparation for close to 10 years. With CEA no longer providing childbirth education, I felt I needed to move in a direction to meet the needs of what I felt was important for birth to have the opportunity to be an empowering experience. That direction has been training to be a calmbirth® practitioner.

The program is well known and received well in N.S.W. and Victoria but in infancy here.

Essentially the program aims to address the beliefs and fears women and men have around birth and then from this platform offer tools to enable the women to embrace her own innate inner resources. It also provides men and other support people a clear understanding how to support themselves and the birthing woman.

I feel my background firstly as a mother to 7 children, then my experience of working as a birth educator and counsellor enables me to deliver the program with sensitivity and understanding of each person's own unique vision for their baby's birth.

Attached is a flyer for the first weekend course. If you feel this is something you, your friends or any of your clients may benefit from, please just let them know about it.

If you would like to know more about calmbirth® , you would visit my website www.calmbirthbrisbane.com.au or the national website www.calmbirth.com.au or contact me directly.

Thankyou for your support,


Sharon Gavioli R.N.
Grad. Dip. Childbirth Education
Ad. Dip. Counselling
Reg. calmbirth® practitioner.

p. 0417 083 803 e. sharon@calmbirthbrisbane.com.au

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