Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog spotlight: Science & Sensibility - A new voice on patient safety in maternity care

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“A new voice on patient safety in maternity care” is the latest post on Science & Sensibility: A Research Blog About Healthy Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond from Lamaze International. This post is from a new blog contributor, Tricia Pil. Her post links to a narrative she has written and published online in the medical journal Pulse, which describes the traumatic experience of the birth of her third child (warning, it contains some graphic descriptions). From the author description of her Pulse article:

Tricia Pil MD worked for six years as a pediatrician in private community practice. In the aftermath of the trauma, because of PTSD triggers present in the healthcare environment, she was unable to return to clinical practice. She went back to college, rediscovered a love of writing and earned a second undergraduate degree in English literature. She is now a science writer and health sciences project coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She hopes to use her professional background as a pediatrician, her personal experience as a patient and her skills as a writer to continue advocating for patient safety and for increased awareness of postpartum PTSD.

In her Science and Sensibility post Trish says:
In the coming months, I will be blogging about issues of patient safety, patient-centered care, medical errors, and support for clinicians, patients, and families in the aftermath of an unexpected adverse medical outcome. I will speak from the viewpoint of a pediatrician and a patient who has been on both sides of the table. I don’t know all the answers, but I hope to provide some useful information and generate your thought-provoking feedback. Your comments and suggestions for future topics are most welcome.

Looking forward to reading more posts from this courageous consumer advocate.

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