Monday, October 11, 2010

Transitions Postnatal Support Group

Jane Campbell-Kaye and Suzanne Lister are running another of their Transitions Groups.

This is a Postnatal Support Group starting soon (Thursday 28 October) at the Quaker House,10 Hampson Street, Kelvin Grove.

Their new space is beautiful - the room looks out on a huge rainforest block. They take advantage of the bushwalk quite a few times for inspiration and the space seems to foster deep sharing in the group as well as time out to connect with nature.

The group allows for up to 10 mothers and their babies (preferably pre crawling).

There has been such positive feedback from women who have attended – who have relished the sense of community, connection, support and depth.

Here’s what women have said about Transitions:

"Being a part of this group gave me the opportunity to talk about some very real issues that I otherwise wouldn't have been comfortable sharing in another mothers group. E.g. relationship issues, body changes, sex, motherhood! The guidance and facilitation that Jane and Suzanne provided allowed us to talk about these issues in a way that felt safe."

"I really looked forward to coming to Transitions each week - it was a gentle and fun way to explore what it means to be a „mum‟ and all the changes to my life and relationships this new identity brings. I loved the chance to meet like-minded women and felt very supported by Jane and Suzanne. It was great „me time‟ and „me and baby time‟. Thanks so much."

"Having a safe and warm environment to come to each week helped to open up my heart post-baby. The trust and connectedness facilitated by two wonderful, experienced women created a bond strong enough for all members of the group to continue meeting past the workshop's completion. We are still meeting four months later."

"There is so much that I gained from this group that is hard to put into words. It was nurturing, supportive, honest/real, encouraging, helpful, humourous, and yummy (i.e. delicious morning teas!)."

See their website for more details

Or contact:
Jane Campbell-Kaye
3379 1896

Suzanne Lister
0435 523 813

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