Monday, August 23, 2010

Birth activists rally at the Press Club to meet PM

About 35 women rallied at the National Press Club last Thursday in the hope of talking to Julia Gillard, PM about the midwifery reforms. Unfortunately all the big players (incl PM) went in the back door so they didn’t’ get to see Julia at all.

Here’s what Georgia from Canberra said:

“Lots of media. However we were not allowed to stand on the side of the National Press Club we had to stand across the road and they wouldn't let one of us stand there to hand out media release. Also 3 Aust Federal Policemen were there as well standing out the front making sure no one crossed the road. However the media did come over to us so we handed them media release and info about why we were there. Also at the end when it had finished Channel Ten someone Remington came over and he was talking and had his camera and we gave him a media release.There was a group for climate change and something about insulation as well. But the media came over to us it must have been the purple shirts and our loud voices. I did a quick head count and I counted about 35 women so it was a good turn out. The rain held off and it didn't start till 2pm as we were leaving. So I am on a high."

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